• Freedom Wall

    Freedom Wall

    This is called the Freedom Wall at the World War II memorial. There are 4048 gold stars and each star represents 100 american service personnel who died or remain missing.

  • Korean War Memorial Soldiers

    Korean War Memorial Soldiers

    The Korean War Memorial was dedicated in 1995, on the 42nd anniversary of the armistice that ended the conflict. The memorial consists of 19 statues of soldiers representing a squad on patrol, drawn from each branch of the Armed Forces.

  • Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address

    Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address

    Abraham Lincoln delivered his second inaugural address on March 4, 1865, during his second inauguration as President of the United States.

  • The Lincoln Memorial

    The Lincoln Memorial

    A 19 foot statue of Abraham Lincoln sits overlooking the Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument from his permanent seat on America's Front Yard.

  • Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson

    The Thomas Jefferson Memorial stands as a symbol of liberty and endures as a site for reflection and inspiration for all visitors.

  • Reflecting Pool, Lincoln Memorial

    Reflecting Pool, Lincoln Memorial

    The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool is the largest of the many reflecting pools in Washington, D.C., United States.

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